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Engineering Plastics

Custom made engineering plastics for high quality plastic, composite and rubber products are available direct from PolySource Australia.

Partnering with state-of-the-art machining and fabrication factories across Australia, PolySource brings you a wide range of  custom made, quality engineering plastics.

PolySource supply the whole spectrum of Polymeric materials including:

PolySource’s Engineering Plastics are a superior alternative to traditional steel, stainless steel, wood and aluminium.

Used as OEM’s and product upgrades, PolySource’s Engineering Plastics will improve equipment performance. Lightweight and chemical, heat and electrical resistant, PolySource’s engineering plastics are perfect for applications that suffer from extreme wear.

Benefits include:

  • Reduced Maintenance Downtime
  • Improved Inventory Control
  • Improved Cost Control

Polysource Custom Machined Products are used across a wide range of industries such as Manufacturing, Mining, Medical, Food, Bottle/Beverage and Transport. They replace older materials in Conveyors, Flooring, Sliding and Cutting Pads, Pulleys and Bearings.

Advantages of Engineering Plastics:

  • No need for lubricants
  • Longer Wear Life compared to bronze
  • Reduced Wear on cable
  • Wear Life on sheave/pulley 2-3 times longer than cast iron
  • Wear Life of cable 2-6 times longer than those operating on cast iron
  • Lightweight - allows for heavier loads and lower inertia forces
  • Corrosion and Weather resistance