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Professional Services, Innovation and Quality Guarantee

PolySource Manufacturing Centres

Manufacturing facilities equipped with state of the art equipment are available through highly specialised and competent Engineering partners across Australia and overseas. These include injection moulders, extruders, machinists of stock shapes, casters and moulders of elastomers, and fabricators.

PolySource Materials

PolySource has over 30 years experience in plastic and rubber materials, including alloys. These include both thermoplastics and thermosets using rigid and flexible Engineering compounds, virgin or reinforced with fibres and fillers, metal-bonded, and composites for high performance applications.

PolySource Design and Manufacture

PolySource has the technical expertise and people to assist you in the early brain-storming stages of your design. Also, PolySource's focus and knowledge will point you towards the best material for your applications.

PolySource Assured Quality

PolySource has access to teams of qualified tool-makers, machinists and manufacturers who work exclusively with Polymers on state of the art equipment. Accredited quality control systems provide your assurance of the right product, for your peace of mind.

PolySource Innovation

PolySource is constantly investigating new materials and improved ways to make products to suit your applications and opportunities. Coordination with our array of manufacturing and research partners around Australia and overseas provides a brilliant cross-pollination of material and design options just waiting for you to explore.