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Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Products

Polysource FRP flooring is a moulded, one-piece fibreglass reinforced resin grating, available in standard panels, or fabricated into panels to fit customer flooring specifications. The standard panel size is 1220 x 3660mm.

The square pattern design with interwoven construction allows loads to be transferred to the adjoining bars, providing a superior load-carrying capacity. Gratings can be open or closed, with a solid, non-slip surface on either side.

FRP Rod and Pultruded Profiles are used to withstand corrosive environments. The high resin-to-glass ratio provides maximum corrosion resistance to a wide range of chemicals frequently encountered in many industries.

Advantages of FRP:

  • Integral, one-piece construction increases load-bearing capabilities.
  • Ideal for sea water and industrial chemical environments
  • Choice of resins for higher temperature applications
  • Great weather resistance
  • Wide choice of colours, designs and surface finishes
  • Continually evolving New Products

Applications for FRP:

  • Marina Decking
  • Structural Beams for Military Training Grounds
  • Pontoon Flooring
  • Industrial Walkways and Steps
  • Mining Rod
  • Dowelling and Connectors