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Kevlar Products

PolySource Australia supplies a wide range of high quality, high temperature resistant Kevlar belts for conveyor belts, conveyor belt systems, narrow tapes and fabricated pad products.

Made from Kevlar, the world’s strongest and toughest flexible reinforcing fiber, PolySource’s high temperature Kevlar belts provide intense heat resistance for conveyor belt systems, replacing asbestos, felt and fiber glass.

Individually densely woven, Kevlar belts have been engineered to meet the needs of extreme hot end manufacturing processes.

These include:

  • Primary glass manufacturing
  • Secondary glass manufacturing
  • Soft alloy aluminium extruding
  • Hard alloy aluminium extruding

High Temperature Felt Belts by PolySource are available in two categories:

  • PolySource 100% Kevlar. This range is ideal for “cooler” 250º to 350°C environments, and also applications requiring high strength or impact resistance.
  • PolySource Ultra High Temperature (UHT). This range is based on alloying higher temperature materials, to produce insulation products with a consistent temperature resistance of over 600ºC, suiting regions close to the press best. Ultra high temperature (UHT) products are best ideal  for ultra high temperature Roller Sleeve, Pad, Endless belt and Gasketing applications.

The Polysource range replaces asbestos, felt and other materials which prove unsafe, unreliable, or have limited operational life.

Polysource UHT Products are ideal for ultra high temperature Insulating Pads, Belts and Gasketing applications, often required in manufacturing processes.

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