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Kevlar is better known for its use in bullet-proof vests, and high performance sails where tear resistance is vital. It is a premium quality material, belonging to the Polyaramid family of Plastics.

Polysource's high temperature Kevlar fibrous sheets are widely used to protect operators and products from temperatures as high as 500+C. The sheet is manufactured in a range of thicknesses and is fabricated into a range of custom shapes to suit each client's application.

High performance materials are often added to Kevlar to enhance its properties even further. They impart extra temperature and abrasion resistance, extending equipment life under extreme dynamic conditions.

Kevlar alloys are at the peak of High Performance Thermoplastics table. Polysource's technical expertise in these materials benefits Australian manufacturers with longer product life, lower costs, and the widest available range.

Advantages of Kevlar:

  • Excellent Strength to Weight ratio
  • Extremely high temperature rating
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Good flexibility as a fibrous sheet
  • High Insulating Properties