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Polycarbonate is known for its clarity and "bullet-proof" reputation. Polysource Polycarbonate comes in sheet, rod and tube form, with a formidable pedigree of high impact, premium quality and high clarity.

Polycarbonate is typically used in the fabrication of Machine Safety Guards, Sight Glass, Safety Windows, and Bullet Proof Glass applications. Its properties make it a user-friendly, tough, versatile material, easy to machine into custom shapes.

Polysource Polycarbonate sheet has even higher impact strength than acrylic, making it the perfect replacement for glass in public and vandal-prone areas. These include hospital emergency waiting rooms, schools and public transport shelters.

There are three Polysource Polycarbonate sheet grades:

  • General Purpose grade
  • UV grade
  • Abrasion Resistant grade.

Advantages of Polysource Polycarbonate:

  • Superb resistance to cracking and impact
  • Very good clarity
  • Great formability
  • Self extinguishing
  • Excellent acoustic properties


  • Marine hatches and windows
  • Safety and vandal-resistant glazing
  • Machine guards
  • Sight glasses
  • Transparent instrument components
  • Electrical components