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PolyTrac Mats, Polyurethane Products, Impact Beds, Safety Guards

Polysource is the leading supplier throughout Australia and New Zealand of the PolyTrac Traction Mat System, preventing undue vehicle and Environmental damage to both above-ground and underground exploration sites.

Benefits of PolyTrac:

  • No Weather Delays! Get in, Do the Job, Get out Clean!
  • No Ruts or Damaged Ground
  • Extremely High Load Bearing Capability (up to 115 ton vehicle weight)
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on Manufacturing Defects
  • Does not conduct Electricity – a significant benefit when working with Power Equipment
  • Uses 100% Recycled Industrial Plastic
  • Australian Made, no Minimum Order Quantity
  • Custom Made Mat Thickness

Through it’s strong Technical expertise and vast network of international and local suppliers, Polysource can advise on the best Quality and cost effective Environmental solutions in the Mining Industry.

Products include:

  • PolyTrac Mats
  • Wear and Flow Promotion Liners
  • Pulleys and Sheaves
  • Impact Beds
  • Machine Guards
  • Filter Plates

Engineering Plastic and Polyurethane Parts offer superior performance and longer wear life over metals in many applications. PETP and self lubricating Nylons are excellent materials for Bushes and Bearings in heavy load applications.

Polysource has positioned its products as the best and most Environmentally friendly in all Underground and Above-ground Mining stages. These include Crushing, Washing, Coal Preparation, Electric Shovels and Drag-lines.