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PolySource Crane Outrigger Pads

A first hand account of the advent of the Crane Outrigger Pads from PolySource Director, Rod Cromie.

“Polysource got into Crane Outrigger Pads purely by customer demandWe had already been in the business of supplying custom sheet products from various engineering plastic materials.  But the subject of Crane Pads was raised by our customers.

Our first response was to look at imported Pads.  The variety was staggering.  Some had rope handles, others had circular indents, some had an embossed finish, others came with engineering load data.  We decided to do the load data first.  Then we looked at the most cost effective sizes, and created a range suitable for most common mobile cranes.

Crane Outrigger Pads
Crane Outrigger Pads

The handles posed a problem.  Rope was a possible trip hazard, and susceptible to weather deterioration. Rope also added a cost, so we decided on a simpler solution, by drilling handles through the pads. The added cost was minimal, so we decided the entire PolySource range would come with handles, for OHS purposes.

Three main materials proved successful, all of which are accepted worldwide.  All are weatherproof.  These are HDPE, UHMWPE and Nylon. Based on a simple design, indents and embossed finishes can then be added, according to customer demand.

The PolySource Crane Outrigger Pad range is slowly expanding to accommodate more demanding machinery and applications.  But the strength of our range was requested and then proven by our customers.”