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Medical Grade Plastics

Highest purity thermoplastics are indispensable to the Health Industry. Their flexibility, optical clarity, toughness and integrity make them the preferred material in Intensive Care applications.

Medical Grade Thermoplastics also replace stainless steel, titanium, glass and ceramic in the Manufacturing, Medical, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Sectors. They reduce weight and are commonly more resistant to sterilization methods, offer anti-static performance, and resist high energy radiation.

Polysource supplies an extensive range of Medical Grade Thermoplastics that meet strict FDA and USP Class IV requirements.

Advantages of Medical Grade Thermoplastics:

  • Biocompatibility Tested and Certified – extensive Technical background
  • Faster Market Release
  • Resistant to most common cleaning and sterilization methods
  • Full Traceability from Raw Material to Component
  • Improved Performance and Lower Weight
  • Lower Noise Levels

Typical Applications:

General Hospital

  • Triage Windows
  • Flooring Products
  • Wall Cladding
  • Doorway and Wall Protective Lining
  • Food Conveyors
  • Bed Castors
  • Steriliser Components

Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical

  • Stamping Pads
  • Tablet Production
  • Filling and Dosing Equipment
  • Sealing and Handling for Blister Packaging
  • Gaskets and Seals for Mixing Equipment


  • Surgical Grips
  • Targeting Devices
  • Isolating Parts
  • Endoscopic Equipment
  • Clear Tubing, Masks and Bags