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Materials Handling

Flow Promotion Guides, Flow Promotion Liners, Hard Wearing Liners

Polysource supplies a wide range of UHMWPE Flow Promotion Liners for Materials Handling and Mining applications. These Liners are mechanically fastened anywhere where materials stick, causing bridging, arching and rat holing:

  • Inside Chutes
  • Hopper Liners
  • Feeder Lining
  • Mobile Conveyor Guides
  • Tipper Truck Trays
  • Bulldozer Buckets

Material blocking reduces productivity. Manual methods of dislodging hold-ups damage equipment and increase OHS risks. Existing steel surfaces also become rougher over time, making the situation worse.

Flow stoppages occur with many bulk materials, such as Clay, Cement, Concrete, Flour, Powdered Resins, Crop Seed, Brown and Black Coal, Bauxite and Mineral Sands. Polysource works closely with each client, offering a huge range of low surface friction, high abrasion resistant Liners.

Polysource also supplies Impact Wear Liners to protect against extremely abrasive environments such as Coal Impact Conveyors, Crushed Rock, Mineral Ore and Wheat Seed.

Comparisons of Coefficient of Friction of Engineering Materials:

Material Friction Angle Coefficient of Friction
Glass 14° 0.26
UHMWPE 15° 0.28
Stainless Steel 21° 0.37
Mild Steel 25° 0.46
Polyurethane 25° 0.46
Rubber 26° 0.49
Concrete 28° 0.53