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Conveyor Upgrades, Heat Belts, Printing Roller Upgrades, Support Platforms

When it comes to versatility, no-one beats Polysource in providing top quality, cost effective upgrades for the Packaging and Printing Industry.

The pressure on today’s Packaging Industry for increasingly faster throughput means more abrasive, hotter processing. Higher wear, corrosion, impact and lubrication costs become serious problems. Higher temperatures mean more dimensional change, decreasing the wear life of mating parts.

The result is increased downtime, higher Production Costs, and possible product contamination.

In the food processing and packaging industry, the implications are serious:

  • More frictional heat, more wear, higher corrosion
  • More frequent component replacement
  • A need for tougher materials

Polysource, in conjunction with its Manufacturing Partners, specialises in concise Technical advice and the efficient supply of better Engineering Materials for high quality Conveyor Chain, Sprockets and Rollers, Refurbished Rollers, and Polyurethane Parts.

Engineering Plastics and Rubbers such as Acetal, Nylon, UHMWPE, PETP, PEEK, PTFE and NBR are recommended for use by the Printing and Packaging Industry across numerous applications ranging through processing, sealing and packaging.


  • Rubber Roller Resurfacing
  • Conveyor Belt and Chain System Upgrades
  • Machine Guards and Covers
  • Sealing Equipment Components
  • Flexible Doorways
  • Dust Suppression Strip Curtains and Barriers