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Food Grade Plastic, Conveyor Belts, Deboning and Cutting Boards

Polysource is Australia’s most versatile supplier of Food Approved Plastics, Commercial Cutting Boards and Conveyor Belts.

Polysource, through it’s strong network of Australian manufacturers, has built a superb reputation for technical quality and engineering experience in the Food Industry.

Products offered to the Food Industry include:

  • FDA Approved Conveyor Belting, Conveyor Curves and Components, Flat Top Chain
  • FDA Approved HDPE, PP, UHMWPE Bench Tops, Chopping Boards, Boning Boards
  • Bakery Rolling Pins
  • Stirrers, Mallets and Mixer Blades
  • PTFE Coated Glass Cloth Belting
  • Specialised Polycarbonate Machine Guards
  • Specialist Film Packaging Products.

Polysource offers a broad range of Conveyor Plastic Products for all stages of the Food Industry.

  • For Wet Processing, we have the latest Engineering Belt and Chain Products for Pasteurising, Rinsers and Dewatering Plants.
  • For Sub Zero Temperatures, Eurobelt Conveyor Belts are equipped to handle chiller room situations.
  • For Dry Food Processing, Polysource offers a dry run chain to replace lubricated stainless flat top chain. It also decreases conveyor noise over acetal based resin in other flat top chains.

Polysource has a vast range of Food Approved Materials for all Processing and Deboning Facilities in meat, fish and poultry plants. HDPE in PE80, PE100, P300, P500 grades meet specific demands for hygenic cut resistance and easy to clean working surfaces.